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What maui wedding packages offer?

Your wedding day is easily one of the happiest, most memorable and precious days of your life. It is a very special day when you make your love known for your spouse and enter into a brand new phase of life. However, preparing and planning for this day can be a cumbersome and stressful process.

Our ceremony packages incl. Olowalu plantation house will take all the stress and exhaustion out of your wedding planning. We will do everything we can to inject that secret ingredient and “wow” factor into your wedding on the beach. You will not even have to worry about making any reception arrangements such as the Olowalu plantation house as our reception package takes care of it all from start to finish.
We love making couples’ dreams come true by offering them a fantastic wedding destination experience – we seamlessly plan your weddings on the stunning beaches of Maui, Hawaii.

We understand that the perfect wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and who wouldn’t want to make it memorable by having it on a gorgeous island? Our Maui beach all inclusive plan delivers a budget-friendly, yet extravagant experience through and through.

Our wedding arrangements on beautiful Maui beaches and Olowalu plantation house are not only thought-provoking and unforgettable, but also cater to every kind of couple, including same-sex couples. Through our Maui gay wedding packages, you can reaffirm your love for your partner in unbelievable ways.

If you are looking to bypass traditional church wedding venues and prefer to think outside of the box maybe the Olowalu plantation house, we can make that dream a reality. Hawaii wedding venues on the beach can be yours, and if you have any concerns being new to this kind of wedding arrangement, we can put them to rest.

We work closely with our third parties to ensure that every aspect of your expectation is covered – from the photography and professional cinematography to getting a marriage license.

What Kind of Experiences Do We Offer?

We have a variety of locales for you to choose from in beautiful Maui – check out our maui wedding elopement packages or our Makena Cove wedding plans, if that caters to your style and tastes better. We have a complete variety of packages for two which lets you decide on the perfect location and setting.

Our maui wedding all inclusive packages mean that you can enjoy a wedding of any scale, as we ensure that your budget is strictly adhered to. In case you want something a little less extravagant, our cheap Hawaii wedding offering is ideal for you. Immaculately planned weddings and bespoke wedding plans to meet your needs is what we care about the most for your wedding package.

Get married in Hawaii – a tropical haven – and choose from our Hawaii offerings all inclusive to unlock a breathtaking experience of the Olowalu plantation house. Take in a dining experience to remember along with romantic sandy beaches, glamorous gazebos, oceanfront lawns and authentic Hawaiian gardens and Olowalu plantation house.
Imagine seemingly endless and bright sun-drenched days and balmy tropical evenings, which lovingly add to your backdrop on the Maui island. Each of our packages capture the warmth and charm of this unique venue than runs along the west and south Maui Beach coast.

Our wedding planner will make all the necessary arrangements for you. We wholeheartedly understand how important it is to bring you dream alive the way you want. So whether you are up for a simple and carefree ceremony where you want hundreds of friends and family to join in, our wedding event planner will give you the personal attention you require.
Our full-service Maui Hawaii weddings offer everything from the most popular Best maui wedding Venues selection and honeymoon spots to an unbelievable beach reception and professional photography. Have a look at this video to learn more about wedding destinations.

What are the reasons to Have Your Beach Wedding?

Can you honestly think of a more romantic spot than Maui, Hawaii? From a gorgeous sunset ceremony on a stunning Hawaiian beach to a wedding ceremony with scrumptious catering and Hawaiian Luau, who would not want to live their dream of having the ultimate wedding? Which is the Best Beach for a Maui Wedding?

Choose from a wide assortment of honeymoon getaway spots as our staff help you plan it all the way. Leave it up to them to orchestrate your Maui waterfall wedding or plantation house. The possibilities are endless and the destinations outdoor wedding havens.

Whether you want to show your love toward each other as man to woman or celebrate your special day in a same-sex marriage, we have Maui wedding reception packages for all. Our Salute to Romance package honors the military by offering cheap Maui wedding packages that are perfect for couples who are serving in the Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard or National Guard. Simply show us your military photo ID and you are all set.

What Affordable Weddings?

Many couples tend to shy away from beach weddings because the mere mention of it means dishing out several hundred to thousands of dollars. However, if you choose the right service provider who has just the right third party connections, you may be surprised how affordable it can be to make your dream come true like maui wedding packages for two.
Just take a look at our destination weddings in Maui and contact us today to start planning your big day.

What are Maui Destination Wedding Packages?

We completely understand that no two wedding events can have the same requirements, including time and day. We strive to provide you with highly customized wedding packages in Maui, which are tailored specifically to your needs and demands.
Due to our years of experience, we are able to accommodate your ever changing needs, and give you sound advice to make your experience in Maui a complete success.

What Professional-level Cinematography

Our services include professional videography – if your Hawaii wedding reception packages Maui does not include this, you can add our A La Carte Menu to your package. Have your ceremony captured in HD video and get a copy from us to serve as a memento for life.
Our additional Maui cinematography package even includes titles, music and professional editing, so that you can treasure your special memories forever.
A professional wedding shoot is an essential part of any ceremony – we will make sure that it serves as a precious heirloom for future generations in your family.

What Wedding Photographers in Maui do you offer?

A private wedding on the beach isn’t quite complete without a professional photographer, is it? In this age of smartphone selfies, everyone thinks that the right angle and a few button pushes is all it takes to snap a nice photo – however, there is a lot more that goes into a professionally taken photo.
Skilled and experienced Wedding Photographers in Maui has the knowhow and equipment to artfully capture key moments at your wedding. Our photography packages ensure that every key moment is captured in beautiful and vivid detail. Enjoy different-sized and style photos depending on the wedding photography package you have chosen, although we can certainly accommodate custom photo requests as you desire. Please view our maui wedding photo gallery.

Whether you’re looking at a small and intimate wedding or a large-scale ceremony with your closest friends, family and associates, professionally taken photographs are an absolute must. With our selection of tastefully done wedding photos, you can enjoy a lifetime of memories with your loved ones, as you look at the breathtaking photos while reminiscing over one of the most special days of your life.

What Maui Ministers are there?

Our esteemed Maui ministers are well versed in conducting a variety of Hawaiian wedding ceremonies. Our pastors have been trained to perform different types of ceremonies, including religious, traditional Hawaiian-style and non-denominational. No matter what your choice, our wedding minister will assist you with an amazing and memorable ceremony that is distinctive to the style and tradition you prefer.

We must admit it can be easy to overlook this aspect when you are so caught up in deciding what to wear or what kind of cake to have at the wedding. But the right kind of minister can really make the experience all the more beautiful.

What is a Live Webcast?

A webcast is a media presentation distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology we distribute a single ceremony to many simultaneous listeners/viewers and also to our site. Our Live Maui Wedding Webcast is distributed live . So, essentially, webcasting is "broadcasting" over the Internet.

What are the Best All-around Offers?

To be honest, it’s only once we start to actually plan all the details of our wedding, we realize how much needs to be done, and how important it is to get everything right from the get go. Allow us to give you a breather as you patiently count down the days to your dream day.
Irrespective of what your requirements are, we will take care of it all – from the licensing and paperwork to the wedding venues selection such as Olowalu plantation house, wedding menu and professional photographer/videographer.
Please contact us at 808-223-8284 to consider from a wide range of locations packages we have on offer. Also go ahead and check out our Instagram page to see how we have helped countless couples enjoy their dream wedding on the beach.

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