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Maui Wedding Musicians


A Maui wedding musician makes the ideal expansion to most of our Maui wedding packages. Ceremony music is an extraordinary method to recollect your day and your vows to one another. Our favorite ceremony musicians follow below.

Kapali Keahi

Eric Dotterer

Robert Makanani (BU)

Anthony Pfluke

Scott Baird

Kalani Miles

Jamie Lawrence

Maui Wedding Music

Music is a significant component in a festival. It makes the mind-set and tone and adds excellence to a generally groundbreaking event. Envision an excellent harp or violin playing delicately during a contacting snapshot of a wedding function. Music can likewise persuade and elevate spirits and breath life into an uncommon occasion festivity. Unrecorded music and DJs are vital to any gathering by adding that radiance to the dance floor and getting individuals up and moving the night away and having a great time. Be that as it may, we should back up and start with the delicate ambient sound ideal for functions or mixed drink parties, and so on The perfect measure of climate, ideal for an oceanside festivity.

Ceremony Music

Regardless, one thing is sure… music is a significant component to pick during the wedding arranging measure. From a sweet ukulele player to the heartfelt pains from a violin, a harp being culled tenderly in the influence of the palm trees — service music is key in establishing the correct vibe. Envision having delicate live ambient sound as visitors show up, visit the visitor afterward discover their seats under the palm trees. Our number one service performers presently follow:


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