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Check out these affordable  Maui Wedding Photography packages from Just Maui Weddings™ for the best wedding photography experience.
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Beach Wedding Photography
*The Following Upgrades Apply to all NON-Reception Packages
Please keep in mind that your Photographer will shoot and provide you with approximately 225-300 images to select from. A link to your full proofing website will be sent to you via e-mail approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding depending where you stand in queue after the shoot. May, June & July weddings can take longer.

Beach Wedding Photo Upgrades
1. 1 Full Resolution, Retouched Image… $10.00
2. 60 Full Resolution, Retouched Images. $250.00
3. 80 Full Resolution, Retouched Images. $350.00
4. 100 Full Resolution, Retouched Images. $425.00
5. The Full Collection (Approximately 225-300),.$675.00
*24-Hour Rush Photo Turnaround….. $175.00

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Reception Wedding Photography
Please keep in mind that your photographer will shoot and provide you with approximately 500-600 images to select from.
Reception Wedding Photo Upgrades
1. 1 Full Resolution, Retouched Image… $10.00
2. 75 Full Resolution, Retouched Images. $300.00
3. 150 Full Resolution, Retouched Images. $600.00
4. 300 Full Resolution, Retouched Images. $850.00
5. The Full Collection of Photos Taken (Up to 600 Images), Retouched Images.$1,350
*24-Hour Rush Photo Turnaround…. $550.00
*72-Hour Rush Photo Turnaround…. $350.00

What time of day is best for photos?

Usually the best time of day for Maui Wedding Photography is early morning between 7 and 8 this is when the lighting is most suitable and your pictures will be crisp and the ocean is turquoise in color. It will be a little cooler & more comfortable for you and your guests as well.
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Your rings and photographs will be your most treasured possessions after your wedding. Understanding how professionals approach weddings will make it easier to understand the role of a photographer. You can understand four types of wedding photography: traditional, creative, wedding photojournalism, and illustrative.

1.) Traditional photography is the capture of family members and bridal parties at close up. It also includes candid photos that tell the story of your day. This style suits most weddings.
2.) Wedding photojournalism is the absence of posed photos. All pictures would be taken with no instruction or knowledge from the photographer. This approach has been promoted by Dennis Reggie, Atlanta.
3. Illustration photography is full of drama, great poses, and magnificent scenery. Each detail is carefully placed to create a photograph that has an impact. This style is similar to high-fashion photography, where every detail in the image is carefully arranged.
4.) The impressionist or creative photographer creates photographs with unusual angles or juxtapositions. Your wedding day is the photographer's artistic impression. Your wedding is only allowed to be reproduced as a limited number.

Our photographers often present a mixture of all four, with a focus on the traditional. This is logical: Even if you like the impressionistic approach, your mother will want a photo of the bride/groom and a smiley picture of her and her son/daughter. Illustrative photos should show your thoughts about romance. The photograph's subject should not be just a bride sitting on a rock in front of a bridge. The coverage should be fun and vibrant, and the creative photos should complement it.

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Maui Photographers

Although Maui wedding photographers are now more affordable than ever, Maui lifestyle photographers as well as Maui family portrait photographers are a great investment. We offer mini photo sessions in Maui that will make your special day memorable, whether you are on a family vacation or a honeymoon. Our Maui wedding packages are affordable and you will save thousands of dollars - unlike mainstream photographers if you do an online search. OurPhotographers of Maui families You will be able to make the most out of Maui's stunning sunsets - creating unforgettable memories for your family. We are the best choice when it comes to recommending a photographer for family portraits, vacation photos or complete wedding photosets. Ask us for details and visit our Maui galleries.

Professional Maui Wedding Photographer

Everyone these days wants to be a maui wedding photographer, and the advent of DSLRs and high-tech smartphones has made it possible for everyone to do so. However, just because someone is a popular marketer of their services does not mean they are the most skilled and experienced family, wedding, and lifestyle photographers. This is actually a mistake. They are too expensive online because they lack the ability to preserve Maui's vibrant colors and alter them to look like Disney-inspired pastel art. Just Maui Weddings(tm) is committed to fulfilling your extraordinary demands and meeting all deadlines. We only use real wedding photography. There are no edits to take away from the original shot. The only things we don't edit are background surfers or swimmers, and any other eyesores that you feel do not belong in the shot. Take a look at our Maui Wedding Packages And Maui wedding photos gallery's clear to see why we provide the best value.
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Is it better to have a photographer or videographer for wedding?

Your photographer will do a great job of taking family portraits and beautiful details. However, they often focus on the "shot." While your photographer is busy capturing every moment of your wedding day, Maui wedding videographers can capture everything...

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    * For availability or advice, please call or text from the links below, or reach us at +1-808-223-8284.

    * Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on Maui beaches.

    * Pricing and packages subject to change, for a full list of terms and conditions, click here.


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